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100% Natural

100% Natural
The Real Truth. Real Simple.
All theCream® formulations are 100% Natural. That means ‘real' natural, and hand batched to order in Montana.
• No chemicals.
• No heavy metals.
• No mineral oil.
• No petrochemicals.
• No alcohol.
• No parabens.
• No preservatives.
• No fillers.
• No added water.

All formulations are waterless, which means they are in their most effective and concentrated form.

All formulations are clinically tested and EU cosmetic safety approved.
Real Simple
100% Natural, up to 85% Colostrum, 0% Bull.
We’ve got nothing to hide, and believe you deserve to know what you’re putting onto your absorbable, living skin.
We give full, accurate, and transparent ingredient listings for all our products on our website, and on product packaging.


New airless vacuum packaging had to be developed for our technologically advanced, bio-available skin cream.
They are vacuum-sealed to eliminate any contact with air. Contact with air would kill the nourishing actives and lead to bacteria growth, so the product goes off.
Modern day formulations use preservatives to stop products going off. We’d rather invest in packaging advancements, than chemicals to keep our formulas intact. We think you’re worth it.
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