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How to prime the pump before first use?
(Instructions for HAND and BODY bottles only)

Follow these steps to prime the Airless Vacuum Pump of your HAND or BODY Cream, before your first use:
  • Remove Cap off bottle
  • Pump several times
  • Put Cap back on bottle
  • Turn bottle upside down and gently tap it against a hard surface 3-4 times
  • Remove Cap off bottle
  • Pump until the HAND or BODY cream flows
  • Repeat above steps, if necessary

What if my pump doesn't work?
(Instructions for all bottles, except for HAND, BODY, Facial SERUM, Body ELIXIR OIL & Facial CLEANSE)

theCream products use vacuum airless containers to maintain freshness. If the pump does not work on first use it may have an airlock, so please use the following procedure:
• For Face and Men bottle - Remove the cap
• Prime the pump by pumping several times
• Place the cap on bottle
• Turn bottle upside down and tap quite hard on hard surface 2 or 3 times, or squeeze the bottom of the tube while pushing down on the pump head.
• If it doesn't flow - repeat above steps until pump works
• The reason for this is sometimes there is an air lock in the pump, and by persistent pumping the air lock will clear and the pump will work as designed
• For the Tubes - hold down or pump the pump head to open the valve, and at the same time lightly squeeze the bottom of the tube to expell any air.

What is Colostrum?
Colostrum is the first milk produced by every mammal on earth in the first 72 hours after birth of its young. It is the most powerful, life-giving substance known, and it is the only substance that contains every single component required for life to burst into existence. A newborn from any mammal requires an explosion of protein, minerals, vitamins, amino acids to burst into life. Colostrum is the only thing designed to do just that.

How is it sourced/ accessed?
The Colostrum we use is sourced from healthy, outdoor, grass-fed, New Zealand dairy cows. Why? Because this makes the most powerful, most life-giving and contains the highest transfer factor of any Colostrum available. The New Zealand colostrum we use is collected under the most stringent and hygienic processes. Including the International quality standard certifications ISO9001, 14001, 17025 and FSSC 22000. Only the over supply of the Colostrum is collected from the Mama cow to use for human health.

Is it ethical to take it away from the birthed calf?
Under New Zealand collection protocol the newborn calf stays with it's Mama for 24-48 hours and only after that is the surplus Colostrum collected for human consumption. Typically a mama cow produces 15 to 20 liters of Colostrum in the first 72 hours after giving birth. A calf can only consume approximately 5 liters per day. Only the surplus colostrum not consumed by the calf is collected, which relieves the mama cow of painful udder gorging.

Once collected from the cow, how does it get into theCream?
The liquid Colostrum is chilled immediately after milking and is transported under strict guidelines to a low-temperature drying plant, where the Colostrum is dehydrated under pharmaceutical protocol to produce the pure biologically alive Colostrum powder. When we receive the Colostrum powder we rehydrate the Colostrum powder under the strictest EU protocol to its original liquid constitution. That liquid Colostrum then forms the base of all our cream range.

Why does it come from NZ?
New Zealand is a clean, green country and world renowned for its dairy science and expertise. New Zealand developed the first low temperature Colostrum drying process and hence produces the world's best Colostrum.

Are theCream range of products non-comedogenic?
Yes, all of theCream range of products are non-comedogenic and will not block your pores.

Does it smell bad?
Colostrum in its raw form has a slight milky aroma but when combined into our cream there is no scent at all.

How much is in each product?
The levels vary depending on the specific product. The Colostrum content in our formulations is between 60-85%. It is the main component in all formulations and the #1 listed ingredient. We clearly communicate the percentage level on each product. Refer to product pages and/or packaging for specific details.

Can I use if I'm Vegan/Vegetarian?
If you so choose, but with the understanding we use Colostrum in our skin care range collected from healthy New Zealand cows. Colostrum is produced by all mammals at birth as a life giving gift of nature. No animals are harmed or mistreated in the collection of Colostrum a life-giving nutrient, however it is a very personal choice and one we respect.

Where is it made?
The Colostrum comes from New Zealand but the formulations are hand-batched and produced with love in Montana, USA.

If it has no preservatives, will it go bad quickly?
Under no circumstances will we use preservatives in our products. We use a totally different level of thinking. We want to give you something pure and natural, not something biologically dead. We stabilize and keep our creams fresh by utilizing the technologically advanced packaging systems of vacuum airless containers. Our products are all tested and have a 18 -24 month shelf life.

Does it need to be refrigerated?
No, the products are shelf stable and the packaging ensures it is kept in an optimal state.

What skin type/age is it for?
theCream is truly perfect for all skin types and ages. Because it is 100% natural and very soothing, it can be used on anyone from newborns to the elderly. It is a lovely, nurturing formulation that works with your skin cells to produce healthy beautiful skin. However, due to it being a completely natural and extremely concentrated and active cream, there are some people in the world whose skin will not like it. But this is very rare. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are one of the very few whose skin rejects our formulas.

Is it clinically tested?
Yes, our formulations are clinically tested and EU Cosmetic Safety approved.

Can I use when I'm pregnant/breastfeeding?
Oh yes you can! The formulations are 100% natural and safe, and are based on Colostrum - the same thing you will be feeding your baby. Should you have any concerns/questions, please consult your medical practitioner.

Can I use if I have acne/pimples? Will it block my pores?
Many people have had great results when using our cream for these issues. Due to the way we have formulated our cream and its level of concentrate, if used as recommended it will not block skin pores. In fact, it will give life, oxygen and protein to your skin cells - the very things your skin needs. theCream can be used on all skin types. It will not block the pores, however because it is so concentrated, we recommend using a very small amount and allow your skin to adjust to it.

Does it contain sunscreen?
All formulations have a level of environmental protection due to the zinc oxide in the formula, however we do not classify or market them as sunscreens.

How long will a product last?
This varies depending on the product and how often you are applying. However the formulations are all super concentrated and not water based, which means you use far less and so comparatively our formulations will last a lot longer than other products of a similar size/weight. Most people get at least one to two months use out of each bottle.

If Colostrum is so great, why isn't it in more products?
Simply because it has never been available before. Low temperature dried food grade Colostrum is in essence a brand new commercially available ingredient and we are the first skin cream company to base an entire skin cream range on this new and extraordinarily powerful life-giving substance. Colostrum has been known to the scientific community for many, many years but is only now available in the right form.

Why is "waterless" important?
Most skin creams are made with water as their first and main ingredient which results in a cheap and diluted product. Your skin does not get hydrated with water. "Moisturizing" of the skin occurs when the combination of ingredients stops the skin drying out. Our waterless formulations achieve this desired effect. We use a different level of thinking.

What is bio-available skincare? What does this mean?
Bio-availability is the extent to which active ingredients can be recognized and utilized by the body. There is no point using expensive ingredients if the body rejects them. Bio-available supplements mean your system is able to ingest and absorb the nutrients. Bio-available skincare means your cells recognize and utilize the goodness.

Do you use mineral oil?
No, mineral oils are petrochemicals and we do not support the use of these in skincare.

Where is the product available?
Please see Locations for a full list of stockists around the world.

Can I use with my existing skincare products?
You can but you will not experience the full benefits. Our formulations are 100% natural and chemical free. It therefore is not recommended to incorporate with products that may be adding potential toxins onto your skin.

When are you bringing out more products?
We are always formulating and testing new exciting products, so sign up to join our mailing list to ensure you're always up to date with our developments.

Why do you use Hydrogen Peroxide in your formulations?
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is naturally produced in the body - its how the cells get their oxygen. It has been used in the Natural Health Industry for years internally to help various infections and as an oxgenator for the blood. We use just the right amount in our cream formulations for intra-cellular oxygenation.

How much should I use when I first start using theCream?
Our formula is a very rich concentrate. If you have normal/oily skin, start with 1/2 a pump per application. If you have dry skin, start with 1 pump per application. For some people in very dry climates, they may need to use a little more to feel moisturized. Some skin is ultra ‘thirsty' for the nutrients in theCream and for the first couple of weeks those with extra thirsty skin may need to use more until their cells reach saturation point. Some people have commented that their skin feels tight which may be a beneficial effect of the collagen enhancing active ingredients. Try different combinations until you find what is right for you, but build up slowly, the formulations are very concentrated.

What is the difference between the Women's Face Cream and the Men's?
There is no difference in ‘strength' between the Women's Face or Men's cream. The difference is in the cold pressed natural oils we use. Our Women's Face blend includes Sea Meadow Foam & Apricot Oil. The Women's Face is unscented and the Men's is slightly scented with Orange Peel and Vanilla oil. Both products are actually unisex, but we found most women prefer a cream that doesn't compete with their perfume. We made the Men's cream slightly different due to the men's thicker and tougher cellular structure of their skin. In other words, we made it manly.

What about people who have allergies to milk products?
An allergy to dairy is often a digestion issue. We have found that using our colostrum cream on the skin has not been an issue for any of our dairy intolerant users. Colostrum is not considered a milk per se, and interfaces in and on the body very differently. However one should always determine what is best for their individual use.

Are any animals hurt or exploited in the production of your cream?
We do NOT use any ingredients that have been tested on animals nor are any of our completed formualions tested on animals.

How do I get the last bit out of the bottle or tube?
The bottle (Face & Men's cream) will pump out itself to the last little bit. However, with the tubes, squeeze from the bottom up towards the pump head while you hold the pump head down, to open the valve, while you squeeze the last little bit out. Then when you have as much out that way, use the scissors and cut the tube off about an inch below the pump and you will get another 2-3 days use out of what's left inside! We know it's important to you to use every last bit! It's that good! The cream will last without refrigeration for these 2-3 days.

If you have any questions we will be happy to respond. Please email us at
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