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Colostrum Facts

100% NATURAL. 65%-85% Colostrum. 0% Water. 0% BULL.
theCream Skincare is the only biologically alive skincare in the world, a result of a revolutionary way of thinking about skincare, based on nourishing and energizing skin cells with nature's most powerful life-giving New Zealand Colostrum.

Colostrum is the most powerful, cell building and complete all-natural ingredient known and theCream Skincare creams contain up to 85% of this live giving New Zealand Colostrum. Learn about Colostrum

✅ 100% NATURAL
We have nothing to hide and believe in transparency. We encourage everyone to read ingredient listings and know what you're putting onto and into your body. Learn how to become toxic-free

Bio-availability is the extent to which active ingredients can be recognized and utilized by the body. There is no point using expensive ingredients if the body rejects them. Bio-available supplements mean your system is able to ingest and absorb the nutrients. Bio-available skincare means your cells recognize and utilize the goodness. Read more about Bio-Availability

theCream® uses only the purest natural ingredients (no chemicals, fillers or nasties) blended in a way for your skin to absorb and utilize the nourishment. If it doesn't feed your skin, we don't use it. Real Simple. View full list of our ingredients

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