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'Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty' Book Review
"This book holds magical secrets."
By Julie Cooper - November 2, 2016
"This book holds magical secrets."
I have discovered for myself to have HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL CLEAN CELLS IN MY BODY, GIVES MORE ENERGY, which makes me Healthy, More Fun Loving, Joyful ,Happy , Laugh More and love life.
This book holds magical secrets how to achieve Healthy Beautiful Energized Cells in our body .
Thank you to all who bought this book to light to Open Hearts, to Enlighten Souls to more of life.
Especially Denie Hiestand who passionately shares his Wisdom and Knowlege and has encouraged me, to be open to accept change in my life with Unconditional Love, Peace and Compassion, to give me the freedom to live love and experience life as I choose.
NZ distributor Julie Cooper. 0277226027
Julie Cooper - November 2, 2016   
"I really love how you express your wisdom in your new book."
By Jacqui M. - October 26, 2016
"I really love how you express your wisdom in your new book."
"Denie Hiestand, I really love how you express your wisdom in your new book - I think everyone needs to read this & wake up!

Our bodies are electrical & so much of what we do, eat & put on our skin - destroys our bodies electrical system....we need to nourish our bodies with ONLY life giving foods & also vital is living plant minerals to carry the electrical charge around our body. LOVED your examples - like the old horse, to show us HOW it works, so knowing the How, we can then fix the cause of the problems. The book can be sourced from website."

Jacqui M. - October 26, 2016   
"This book explains the most momentous of all subjects in the most simple, but sincere folksy banter."
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